The autobiography of Yamaha Motorcycles


Hi, meet myself I am Yamaha Motorcycles. Today I would like to talk with you all and will also like to say some things, about the ups and downs which I had to face to reach this level where I am the only one who is leading the Motorcycles world. Pay attention, the story starts as follows,1st July 1955 was the day when I was born in Japan. Before my birth many discussion took place related to the budget as the persons who wanted to start was not having much finance to take a responsibility of the company. But the persons who initially planned to form the company saw the vision and came up with the company with a mission to take it on heights. After the formation of my company the time came to name me and than I was named as Yamaha Motorcycles.After this the first and foremost thought which came in the mind of my chair person was that “If you are doing something do the best”. He took these 8 words so seriously and these 8 words became the point from where he started the milestone of his business that is me.He followed these 8 words and took me on heights. Slowly and steadily this growth took place and the growth process started. Later on when I was well settled in the market of automotive with all my brands and different models, than suddenly on day the chair person said that he is not yet satisfied with what I am offering. This gave a rise to a new growth and the process of further expansion was started.Later on after some days I herd some more word from the same chair person who previously said those 8 words. And the new words indicated a new thought and the new thought was “Be the leader in Creating an Exciting and Memorable Experience”. This notion expressed many things. Taking this thought the companies chair person started to focus on the part of development and innovation. The second step was towards excellence.The first thought brought “existence” and the second brought about “excellence” and lastly the time was to come up with that thought which would add a extra energy. The third though was the “Make every challenge an opportunity”.  This was the thought which made me a “Brand name”. This was the last thought which brought me here where I am leading the motorcycles industries. Thus this was my story that how I was born and what I am at present. May be in future some more thought would pop up in my chair persons mind and would lead me even more higher, with a new thing to offer. I being Yamaha Motorcycles have a number of models to offer at present.

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