Fix Three Red Lights on Xbox 360 Yourself Cheap – Save Your Money $150 in 3 Hours

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Are you looking for the methods to fix three red lights on Xbox 360? I know because it is the big problem of Xbox console, and many of the users find the solution to fix it. Somebody bought the new console, but I think you have the better choice.

Firstly, you can fix the three red lights error yourself. I will explain you step-by-step to fix it yourself.

3 options to solve the Xbox error:

1)     Buy new Xbox 360 console, this is a little joke because you may meet this problem again in the new console.

2)     Send it to Microsoft for repair that is free of charge if your Xbox is in the warranty period. But you have to pay about $140 if the Xbox is not in the warranty. And you have to wait more than 1 month to get it back from Microsoft. So, it is impossible for this option if you are the crazy gamer like me because I need to play the game everyday.

3)     Fix three red lights on Xbox 360 yourself by using the Xbox 360 repair guide. I recommend you to select this option. Why? I will tell you about the reason.

But I highly recommend you to use the reliable Xbox repair guide for fixing three red lights on Xbox 360. Do not use the free download repair guide that is risky.

Finally, the best option to fix three red lights on Xbox 360 problems is to repair it yourself. And as I have said beforeFree Reprint Articles, it is highly recommended to use an Xbox 360 Repair Guide.

Visit: How to Fix Xbox 360 Console.

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