Dimmable Filament LED Bulb, Part 3

Dimmable Filament LED Bulb, Part 3

Here’s my hybrid solution to control this 6W LED filament bulb with an Evolve Z-Wave lamp dimmer.

Using the home automation controller, I turn the lamp dimmer on to the desired setting after sunset then off around midnight. Then, if desired, I can turn the pendant lamp on and off with the pull cord. It then comes on at the 25% dimmer setting I found works best for my needs.

This can also work as an automatic night light if I go out for the evening and as a security light if I’m gone from the house overnight. And if I leave the lamp off, nothing happens.

I have this old pendant lamp hanging over the front entrance in my house. I used to have a clear incandescent bulb in it that worked well, but used a lot of power. I changed to a Panasonic 15W Light Capsule CFL. I never was really happy with the look.

So I found this dimmable filament LED bulb from CRLight:

It’s a Dimmable Edison style vintage LED Filament Bulb, E26/S21/ST64 Base Lamp, 2300K/Warm White color temperature.

I really like the look of the bulb, both the shape and the color, it gives the appearance of an old dim ceiling light in an old warehouse or something. It really fits the fixture, but even at 6W, it’s way too bright as the bulb is visible when seated in the living room. So I need to dim the bulb down.

I found this Evolve lamp dimmer module:

One last thing I want to try is to measure the energy consumption of this dimmer and bulb in the various modes. I need to pick up some better low power measuring equipment, but if there’s interest, let me know.

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