Traxxas RC Cars: Nitro VS Electric

If you are reading over this particular piece, than chances are you are wanting to learn a little more about a very popular form of RC cars: the Traxxas Cars. So what is there to know about these cars? Well, there is a good deal for you to learn and appreciate about them, so read on to learn more about Traxxas RC Cars and the pros and cons of nitro vs electric.

So, I suppose if you aren’t all too informed about what these cars actually are, you should get briefly introduced to them before we go any farther. The best way to describe these machines is by saying that these are the RC cars you always wished that you had when you were growing up. These are nothing like the various vehicles that still line the shelves of various toy stores across the country.

For starters, they are meant to simulate the experience of having a real car that you are at the helm of from a distance. While they are considerably smaller than a real car, they are slightly larger than most of the marketed remote control vehicles that you are likely to be able to purchase anywhere else. So this means that they can make a considerable difference in the detail and the handling.

For instance, these vehicles can go much faster than the average remote controlled ride, and we will get into just how fast they can go in later paragraphs. There are also two main sources of this considerable speed, either through nitro boosts or general electric power. Don’t be fooled, though. This is not an open and shut case, but rather a considerable debate that is going on amongst the owners of these impressive machines as to which route offers the best performance.

As I said, there are two main sources of the energy that drives these cars to reach incredible speed. The first of these is the electric power. This was one of the most unfavorable routes to take when Traxxas Cars got their start. But now, they have really come into their own. These cars powered by the electrics can even get going as fast as 65-70 mph and that is quite an impressive feat.

Not to mention that the engines are said to be easier to maintenance when and if you need to. When you get into the alternative in nitro power, you really have to understand completely what you are doing, because if you start to mess anything up at all, you could seriously compromise the very nature of the engine itself.

So why would people take nitro vehicles? Well for a long time, this was offering the fastest vehicles with the most impressive engine structures. So while the electrics have caught up to the design and performance of these engines, it still could benefit you to own one. Basically speaking, you could very well race the two options head to head and the race would be pretty close. So, if you want my opinion, electric is the way to go, but there would be plenty of Traxxas users that might disagree. It really is a statement of personal preference.

So if you wanted to learn about the Traxxas RC Cars and the pros and cons of nitro vs electric, I can hope that you have an answer. Well, at the very leastFree Reprint Articles, I hope you are closer to having an answer.

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