Tips On Having A Basement Bathroom

With convenience in mind people would want to have
more than one bathroom in their house. This will give them a spare bathroom
when the other one is in use or unavailable because of repairs. A good place to
add another bathroom would be in the basement. This will be more economical
than having to renovate an area on the main floor for a new bathroom. 

It would take a lot of work to put a bathroom on the
second floor or attic. Drain is very essential and when installing a toilet on
the other floors of the house you would need to go through the floors down to
the main drainage line. With the bathroom in the basement you would only have
to work on the basement floor and walls to connect to the pipes. And you
already have two existing walls to work on adding two more to enclose bathroom
would be enough.

Before you go on and make your nice basement
bathroom it is essential to prepare the needed plans and materials. You need to
measure the intended space so that you would have the amount of space to work
and put all the necessary bathroom fixtures. The space should be able to
accommodate the toilet, sinkScience Articles, shower and bath if you have enough to spare.

The basement is darker than the rest of the house
due to its location so ample lighting is also very essential. You can install
lights on all corners or have a window to let natural light into the bathroom.
You can also add mirrors to reflect what little light you have inside. A few
lights around the mirror can also be a good idea.

A bathroom should have enough space to let you move
around. When installing a toilet it is important that it be located at an area
where there is enough space between it and the wall. You can install smaller
toilets to get the best out of the limited space.

A few wall mounted cabinets and towel racks will
free up floor space while allowing ample storage for your towels and other
toiletries. You would not need any bathroom vanities as this will eat up what
little space you have a simple sink should be enough.

With a basement bathroom you will get the same
benefits of a regular bathroom but at a lesser cost compared to having one on
the top floors and this is a good use for your basement also.

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