Things to Take Into Account When Providing Quality Lighting for the Bathroom Vanity


Choosing the right bathroom light fixtures into the vanity section is very simple. As you may have observed, the vanity area is only comprised of the mirror and sink. The typical lighting used over them includes the wall sconces or the vanity lights. While choosing the bathroom light fixtures is rather simple and quick, it is their installation which poses a challenge.  You need to take into account certain things in order for you to provide quality lighting into the bathroom vanity. One thing that you should take into account is the size of the mirror. Usually, wall sconces are placed on either side of the mirror. This placement is very ideal especially when the mirror would only extend for less than 4 feet. With large bathrooms and very long vanity spaces, sometimes mirrors can extend horizontally beyond 4 feet. In that case, it will be highly advisable to place wall sconces on either side, but additional placement of vanity lights may be required above the mirror. Preferably, overhead vanity lights should be placed for every foot stretch of the mirror. You may also have your vanity lights mounted on the mirror itself. Observing all these installation practices is necessary to provide even and full illumination into the face.Another thing to take into account is the type of bulb you have to use. It has been widely noticed that warm lighting has a flattering effect on the appearance of people using the bathroom vanity. With incandescent bulbs being phased out these days, your best option is to make use of halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs produce bright and pure lighting which will allow you to see the true color of your skin. This is ideal for ladies who are applying their makeup. You may also make use of compact fluorescent bulbs, but make sure to use the globe types and opt for warm colors to achieve the right effect.Finally, taking into account the right design is also necessary. Certainly, you’ll want your vanity lights and wall sconces to match the theme of your bathroom. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional-looking space, you can be sure to find the right complementing style with all the vast choices available for you in the market.

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