TheGeekRedneck Review – 1M 5050 RGB 60LED Strip Lights

TheGeekRedneck Review – 1M 5050 RGB 60LED Strip Lights


My look at the cheap RGB LED Strip Lighting! These are totally awesome!!!

As of October 2012 these are selling for around $8 to $12 with FREE shipping from several sellers on ebay. Search ebay for ‘1M rgb led 5050 60 waterproof’ and choose from a myriad of sellers.

For in home use in the USA you will need a 12 volt DC power supply capable of providing at least 1 amp. You can find these on ebay by searching for ’12v 1a adapter’…

You can also get a 5m spool of these lights for about $20 to $30 (search ebay for ‘5M RGB LED 5050 300 waterproof’ but keep in mind you will need a 12VDC power source that can provide 5 amps of current. These draw about 1 amp per 1 meter of strip.

You can also get these in non-waterproof versions with sticky backing for slightly cheaper.

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