The Virtual Office – Staying Professional While Working Away from the Office


If your company is looking to save some costs, it may look into
something known as a virtual office. When there are less traditional
office spaces being used, it is possible to be more productive with time
and money. These are not the same thing as “executive suites,” or
“business centers” as you must have a lease for those, whereas you don’t
need one for the virtual office as many times as the office work is
done right out of the employee’s home.

The concept of the virtual office came to being in what is now referred
to the Industrial Revolution, where the idea of working from one’s home
came to fruition. Though not exactly the same thing, the idea of the
virtual office came from the concept of the executive suite, without the
lease. The virtual office saves those companies who utilize them, a
little more money. The first virtual office company, The Virtual Office,
Inc., was founded by Ralph Gregory in Boulder Colorado. It later became
in North America as “Intelligent Office.” This concept of the virtual
office is now an important concept in our modern Age of Information.

The virtual office concept contains two main ideas, the first of which
is communications. Most of the time, you can get a virtual receptionist
who uses the highest level of computer software so that your business
remains professional at all times. You can also receive the use of a
virtual assistant who works by himself without software, but reports to
you. This usually does incur a small monthly fee. Your virtual office
also provides you with answering services from a central location within
the country that your office is located in so that you can provide
better service to the majority of your customers.

Not only does the virtual office provide communication services, but
also it provides you with space services. These services include a
special business mailing address to keep your home mail separate from
your business communications, usually a PO box. You can also make sure
that someone is available to collect your deliveries. All this is done
in a casual work environment where you can report to the main office
when you need to. You can also have access to many on-site amenities
such as high speed internet, a fax/copy machine, and many other
amenities that would usually be found in a regular office.

The most common users of virtual offices are accountants, attorneys,
home based businesspeople, tradespeople, stock brokers, and sales
representatives. Most find that combining work and home can be more
efficient while keeping the expenses of running the businesses lower.

In a recession style economy the trend of virtual office space is rising
as it becomes necessary for business owners to save some money so that
they can see more profits. This also allows for a more casual work
environment for a stay at home parent so that they can save more money
on babysitting and child care expenses, as well as gas and wear on the
vehicle that commuting to the office would entail.

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