The Safety and Aesthetic Benefits of Using Custom Wall Plates

So, you’ve just bought a brand new home entertainment system which you’re ready to show off to your jealous friends and family. Or maybe you’re in the process of setting up an office space. But those cables and wires running across the floor are not only a potential trip hazard; they’re also ruining the aesthetic look of your system.

At work, any protruding cables can make your office appear unprofessional and disorganised, consequently putting off any potential customers from entering into business with you. But also, from a safety point of view, any accidents that are caused by tripping over trailing wires are not good news, either for the employee or the employer.

On the other hand, if you have invested in a home entertainment system, it would be extremely frustrating if you could only focus on the mass of cables rather than your system’s shiny new exterior. From a safety perspective, it could also be extremely dangerous for any children who may trip, or even your pets, who may start chewing on any protruding cables!

You need a solution that will both hide the cables but also keep yourself and others safe. Well look no further. You can fix this problem in no time by investing in some custom wall plates.

Wall plates are small, thin, square-like plates that are quick and easy to install. Their size and appearance mean that the plates will not distract people from the main aspects of your home system or office space; it also means that by hiding them behind something, they can even be forgotten about. They work by allowing you to streamline and run your system’s cables through a wall so that they do not protrude and cause any fuss. The plates can be made from a variety of materials from brushed finish stainless to tough PVC and using them can benefit you in different ways. For instance, not only do they keep you safe and are easier on the eye than a tangled mess of wires but also, they come in various shapes and sizes. There’s so much choice that there’s no doubt you will the one suited for you.

Custom wall plates can come in a choice of socket combinations and can be a single or a double gang plate. They can work together with many connections and just a few examples of these include SVGA for computers and projectors, HDMI, USB A, USB B, 3.5mm, RCA Phonos (for audio and video), TOSlink, serial, F-Type (satellite) and TV aerials.

Custom wall plates are not limited to being used in office space or home entertainment systems either. It has been known for wall plates to be used in classrooms, where students and teachers can then easily use items such as projectors, speakers and televisions without any of the hassle. Obviously, with young children running about the place, safety becomes more important than ever and any trailing wires become a real danger. This danger can be reduced significantly by using custom wall plates within the classroom and also contribute to keeping the place looking tidy and organised.

By investing in custom wall plates, you really will be finding the solution to your dangerous and messy cable dilemma without the hassle of any complicated installation issues. Once this is done, just sit backFree Web Content, relax and enjoy!

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