The Future of Emergency Lighting – Fulham HotSpot EZ | Watt's New With J Ep.14

The Future of Emergency Lighting – Fulham HotSpot EZ | Watt's New With J Ep.14

I’m on ladder! That’s right, sitting on a ladder holding one of the newest, most innovative, and most sleekly designed Emergency Fixture on the market.

Now most of you know that Emergency Light is a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when there’s a power outage. These are standard (and a legal requirement) in big new commercial and residential buildings, like as college dorms, apartments, and hotels.

The most common Emergency fixtures you’ll see are big bulky units, or obtrusive “bug eye” fixtures that sit on the wall like this one. The unique thing about this FULHAM HOTSPOT EZ EXIT LED EMERGENCY SYSTEM is that t it replaces your standard T-Grid piece and sits perfectly into your 2×4 your ceiling grid.

Although it disappears seamlessly, this sucker has over 2200 evenly distributed lumens that will last for 90 minutes-enough time for people to exit a building in case there’s an emergency. The recharge time is 24 hours and this has a 5-year warranty and is made of solid steel.

Another great thing you should know about these is that they are CEC Compliant. That means that these are certified by the California Energy Commission and legal to sell in California. This one is four feet long, but there’s also a 2 foot option.

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