The Best Commercial LED Downlight in the Industry! | Watt's New With J Ep: 18

The Best Commercial LED Downlight in the Industry! | Watt's New With J Ep: 18

As always, we’re bringing you brand new products to make your lives easier with simple to install multi-functional technology. This product from GREEN CREATIVE (obviously one of our favorite brands) is a super easy to install spring action downlight, featuring even distribution of smooth light. What STRONGLY distinguishes this line from others is its ability to change the lumen output range from high, medium, or low- ultimately giving you dimming access from 500 lumens to 3200 lumens! You can also use the revolutionary Select Kelvin feature, which allows you to change the color temperature. Game changing tech, here! Too much to type! Watch my vid!

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— J. Hunt is the Director of Sales and Operations at Energy Avenue, a full line electrical and lighting distributor that focuses primarily on supplying ESCOS, retrofitters, contractors, and various commercial industries with the latest LED lighting and controls technology.

— The team and I at Energy Avenue are committed to bringing the most value we can not only to our customers but also to the LED industry in general. We started this channel to bring awareness to the people using these products every day and don’t necessarily have the right information to make an informed buying decision.

We will attempt to fill that gap by showing you the latest and greatest in LED Lighting and control technology, bring on experts in the field, meet and interview real manufacturers who are building these products, and participate in onsite installs with our favorite contractors!


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