TCP LED Downlights – Lighting Supply

TCP LED Downlights – Lighting Supply

Typically you’ll see TCP LED downlights being used in commercial / office interiors (as well as in homes). They are installed where you already have recessed cans and might currently be using BR or PAR shaped bulbs.

TCP downlights come are designed for use in either 4″ cans or 5-6″ cans — make sure to read the specs on the downlight to choose the right option for your needs.

The advantage of using this type of downlight is that it’s easy to install in a can and comes with both the light source and the trim. It gives a finished look to a ceiling, leaving no gaps between the can and the bulb.

And of course any time you transition from incandescent or halogen bulbs, LED options save you money in terms of energy savings, and they’re designed to last far, far longer.

Prefer traditional BR LED lamps instead of these kits? You can check out a video on our best BR40 LED value for 2016:

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