Super Bright Amber Turn Signal LED Bulb

Super Bright Amber Turn Signal LED Bulb

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JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 3030 Chipsets 7440 7441 T20 LED Bulbs with Projector,Amber Yellow

Welcome to another episode of DiyCarModz. I’m Jeff and in this video I will be swapping out the rear turn signal bulb on my vehicle to this bright amber led bulb.

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan.

This will fit any vehicles that uses a 7440 aka t20 bulb for the front or rear turn signal light.

You also need to install resistors to fix the hyper flashing issue when changing turn signal bulbs to led.

Resistor Video: and

Here is the list of LED bulbs that I use or recommend trying for 2013 – 2017 Honda Accord.

-3157 Switchback LED: (2013 – 2015 coupe)
-7443 Switchback LED: (2016 – 2017 Sedan and Coupe)
-1157 Switchback LED: (2013 – 2015 Sedan)
-921 Reverse LED: (2013 – 2017 Coupe and Sedan)
-194 Rear RED sidemarker LED: (2013 – 2015 coupe)
-7440 7443 Brake LED: (2013 – 2017 Coupe and Sedan)
-194 Interior LED; Map+Dome+trunk+door(v6) (2013 – 2017 Coupe and Sedan)
-Interior Sun Visor LED: (2013 – 2017 Coupe and Sedan)
-License Plate: (2013 – 2017 Sedan Only)
-7440 Rear Amber Turn signal: (2013 – 2017 Coupe and Sedan)
-H11 Low Beam Headlight: or
-H8 AKA H11 (same fitment bulb) Foglight: or color lens cover changeable LED:
-9005 DRL/Highbeam (the base of the led bulb has to be adjustable in order to had the led diode face the correct orientation): or
Low Beam (HID 35W Ballast): or eBay:
Low Beam (HID 55W Ballast):
Low beam (HID Bulb H11B 5500K) : eBay: or…/…
LED Ballast and Bulb Kit:
Rear Bumper LED Reflectors: (2016 – 2017 Sedan Only)
Rear Bumper LED reflectors: (2013 – 2015 Sedan Only)
Rear Bumper LED reflector: (2016 – 2017 Coupe Only)
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