NXLED LED Emergency Light

NXLED LED Emergency Light

A look at an LED emergency light from NXLED, available on-sale for around 1300 peso.

These kind of emergency lights are common in the commercial world, often used in fire exits, shop floors and so on.

They’re permanently plugged in to AC power; to keep their internal battery charged and monitor for power outages. If the AC power is lost, the lights turn on automatically to ensure people can safely move around.

Unlike the older style of lights which use larger batteries and halogen or CFL bulbs, this NXLED one uses LEDs. This allows them to use a smaller battery and design a sleeker looking unit. All of that helps reduce costs and make these emergency lights a bit more affordable.

The light has two ‘bulbs’ with special lenses to ensure a wide and well distributed light. Under each lens you’ll find 22 LEDs, for a total of 44 LEDs in the unit. These LEDs consume a total of 3-4 watts.

The battery inside is 4v 4Ah. This is a somewhat unusual battery size and not many stores are stocking replacement batteries at the time of shooting this video.

This NXLED emergency light is cheaper than those sold by their sister company (Akari) and a much better quality.

The model number printed on the back of the light is ANX-212LED ALP14-275. But the NXLED website suggests the model number should be ANX-CS503W or ANXCS503

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