My Omega Massage Chair Experience

When I first sat down in the Omega massage chair, I noticed that it was comfy, but my feet were not touching the bottom of the foot rest. Though this was soon remedied. I reclined the back and elevated the legs (there are separate controls for each). I am not sure what exactly happened, but with a bit of elevation of the legs and reclining back, my feet were soon snug to the bottom of the massage pads. As a novice sitting in a massage chair, I just hit the start button and received an overload to my senses, though I suspect this may be because I suffer from a bit of motion sickness!

The remote control sits propped up in holder by the right hand. Though all buttons are labeled, it is not immediately obvious what everything does. For example, there are three on/off buttons. The first one turns everything on, the second one will turn just the back massage feature on and off, and all buttons that come after it pertains just to the back controls. These controls include full massage up and down the back, or an isolated massage in just one area. Or you can manually move the rollers up and down. You can control what massage technique you would like, ranging from kneading, finger press, knocking, or kneading and knocking. With another control you can add vibration to any of these techniques. The Omega massage chair allows you to choose from three different massage strengths. You can also move the rollers in and out to, this along with the other adjustments allows you to reach most anywhere on your back.

After all those buttons, you come to the third on/off button which is for the seat and footrest massage features on the Omega massage chair. You can have the massager in both the seat and footrest on, or the footrest alone. The footrest uses air pressure to squeeze your calves, and you can choose three levels of squeezing intensity. There are also rollers for your feet, but I would have liked more pressure here and I would like the foot massage without the calf squeezing. As they were, they did not do much for me.

So, in a nutshell, there were things that I liked and disliked about the chair. I really liked the comprehensive console, it was easy to read and understand. However, the backlight did not stay on very long which made it hard to study while learning the controls. Also, when in its handy holder, the console was too small to read, I had to pick it up to see it clearly. I liked the wood used for the arm rests and small table. I like that the chair is fully adjustable and that you can maneuver the rollers to reach most anywhere on your back, including your shoulders. The chair is fairly simple to learn how to operate. If you can sit down for about 30 minutes with the booklet and remote and experiment with the controlsHealth Fitness Articles, you can easily figure everything out for your perfect Omega massage chair massage experience.

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