Modern LED ceiling Lights | RGB Dimmable

Modern LED ceiling Lights | RGB Dimmable

Have you ever wondered what makes your home so different from the ones used in magazines? Chances are it is the lighting and not just staged lighting, but the decorative ceiling lights and chandeliers for the foyer that your home is missing. Modern LED Ceiling Lights can turn an entryway into a runway.

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1. Bluetooth speaker: all you have to do is to turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone and pair it with the light, play your favorite songs via your phone, then you can have your room filled with music and fully enjoy it.
2. Easy to use: one key to select the light scene, you can choose the slow changes in the colorful color, or choose a romantic candlelight even you can also let the lights change with the music or fast or slow melody, give you a wonderful family party time.
3. Timer function: In the control App, you can set a time to turn on/off the lamp, or a music time, even an Alarm clock to wake you up on next morning.
4. Intelligent memory: with the intelligent memory function store and recall your favorite light color with the smartphone app. Set schedules/routines/timer for both light and music.
5. Smartphone app controller: Suitable for Android 2.3.3 and later, IOS 7.0 and later version.

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