Living Room Bean Bags for The Modern Home


Modern Living Room Bean Bags for the Modern LifeThe bean bag and bean bag chair has exploded in popularity in recent years, this fun form of furniture has found its way over from the warmer climates of Spain, Italy and France and is now making it big in the UK.Kids Love Bean BagsChildren love bean bags, that is just a fact of life that we have come to accept. The great thing about the Bazaar bean bag however is that adults are sure to find them attractive and appealing. Because the Bazaar Bag is available in a wide range of colours, you are sure to find a Bazaar bean bag that will look fantastic in your living room, bedroom, or even your garden. Due to their size and shape the bazaar bean bag is versatile and can be shaped in to a variety of different positions. It can be used as a bean bag mat to sprawl and lay out on after a hard day. You can fold it in two to create a firm and supportive bean bag chair, or you can even puff it out and make your own bean bag hammock. As you can see there are many uses for a bean bag.Fun FurnitureBean bags are inherently fun pieces of furniture. Ridiculously comfortable, lightweight and colourful, it is no wonder why kids absolutely adore them. As an interior designer and parent they are a Godsend, the Bazaar Bag Bean Bag allows me to have a good looking, affordable piece of furniture in my living room that I do not mind the kids clambering over or playing on. The Bazaar Bag is made from strong yet flexible polyester fabric which is fire retardant. Spills are easily cleanable with a simple wipe due to the water resistant properties of the bean bags fabric. Kid proof furniture actually does exist! They are not just bean bags for kids though. Adults love them too…Bean Bags -Comfort is KeyWhether hard at work, or play, this giant bean bag will supplement you with added comfort, whatever it is you find yourself doing. As soon as you sit down in this bean bag chair it is obvious that your comfort is at the forefront of its design. Due to the cleverly packed beans, the bag will mould to your contours perfectly, whatever shape or size you are. By folding it in half it easily transforms into a solid and firm chair with good back support that encourages proper posture. If you do not feel like sitting and would lay down and take the weight off your feet, simply plonk the bean bag down flat on the floor for a sizable bean bag mat.Reasons why bean bags should replace your sofa:Affordable – You could fit a whole house out with bean bags for the price of one sofa.Light & Portable – Easy to move around, giving your living room a lot more space.Stylish – Available in a huge range of styles and colours, you are bound to find a bean bag that is perfect for your living room (or any other room in the home).The Bazaar BagBean Bag Bazaar have added their own take on the Bean Bag, the Bazaar Bag. The Bazaar bag is a huge bean bag chair that measures in at 180 cm by 140 cm. If it looks familiar that will be because it is – the Bazaar bag has been seen on shows such as the X Factor and Britain’s Next Top Model.

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Paul Norris is an English Graduate from the UK. As part of Paul’s work he has an ongoing involvement in the furniture trade. Paul often finds himself scouring shops offline and sites online in the search for unique and interesting furniture such as comfortable bean bags, chairs and mats.

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