LED Strip Lights – High Quality vs Low Cost RGB LED Tape

LED Strip Lights – High Quality vs Low Cost RGB LED Tape

Welcome to this InStyle LED video on comparing high quality vs low cost RGB LED strip lights. A clear explanation on the LED Tape lumen output, voltage drop, LED’s and PCB types. For more information visit http://www.instyleled.co.uk/rgb-led-tape/

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The LED strip light market is flooded with suppliers, from internet sellers (like Amazon) to electrical wholesalers to eBay to shops and even electricians. In this video we hope to help you understand the issues by answering the following questions:

Q: What is the difference between high quality and Low cost LED Tape?
A: We show multiple comparisons including:
– The difference in the output, PCB, Voltage drop and backing Tape

Q: Are both strips the same specification?
A: Yes the comparison is to compare the same specification LED Tape using different quality components.

High quality:
60 x 5050 SMD’s p/m (Taiwan Epistar)
12mm PCB
3 Ounce PCB
stated lumen output: 1000 lumens per metre
stated grade: Commercial
Purchased from: InStyle LED

Low quality:
60 x 5050 SMD’s p/m (Chinese alternative)
10mm PCB
2 Ounce PCB
stated lumen output: 1000 lumens per metre
stated grade: Professional
Purchased from: Online supplier claiming best quality on the market

Q: Which is the brightest?
A: We compare both of the LED strips with a light metre.
– high quality is 1450 lumens p/m
– low quality is 750 lumens p/m

Q: Which has the most voltage drop?
A: We use a voltage metre at the start and the end of a 5m reel for both strips
– High quality voltage drop = 8%
– Low quality voltage drop = 16%

Q: Which can produce white?
A: The high quality can produce pure white
– The low quality can only produce a blue tint white

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