L.E.D. vs Incandescent turn signal, brake, marker lights, Ford F250 trucks & Excursion

L.E.D. vs Incandescent turn signal, brake, marker lights, Ford F250 trucks & Excursion

This is a comparison between automotive L.E.D. and Incandescent light bulbs in my Ford Excursion. Most of this video applies to 1999 thru 2006 Ford F-Series trucks and Excursions, but the comparison between L.E.D. and Incandescent brightness can apply to any vehicle.
The L.E.D. bulbs that I bought can be purchased here – https://amzn.to/2Xtywp0 – This is an affiliate link. Purchasing through our links does not increase the prices for you, it just helps me earn more income to support my family. Thank you 🙂 (As I state in the video, I used the Amber Yellow ones because they can be used both in the front as turn signals and in the rear as brake lights since they don’t affect the red color of the brake light lens.)

You must change the flasher to an L.E.D. compatible flasher which is the easiest way to convert OR put a load resistor or decoder in line to each bulb (I do not explain either of these in this video, only the flasher is shown). The exact flasher that I used is no longer available, so I am linking a comparable one that SHOULD fit the same as the one I used – https://amzn.to/2Ix1gXA

I show the easiest method of replacing the turn signal flasher relay for the vehicles listed in this video.

Incandescent bulbs are about 400 Lumens and the L.E.D. bulbs in this are advertised at producing 760 Lumens of light. In my opinion, L.E.D. lighting makes a big difference in brightness to any vehicle running, marker, turn signal, brake, 4-way lights that they are put in.

I am very happy with the look, brightness, & operation of the new L.E.D. bulbs and L.E.D. compatible turn signal flasher relay that I installed in my Excursion.

I spent $9 on the flasher relay and $28 on 4 L.E.D. bulbs. The L.E.D. bulbs should outlast the incandescent bulbs by at least 5 times, but only time will tell of the longevity.

I hope this video helps you in your decision to make the switch to a brighter, safer light that will increase your chances of being seen while driving. Like, Share and Subscribe because you never know what I’m going to do next.

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