In addition to the cars Shanghai Automotive and other vehicle manufacturers pre-installed market to continue to test the water network in the broader aftermarket, there have been sparks of IT companies and related businesses. Huatai Automobile, Shenzhen together, Wuhan Bluestar, Red Flag Software, Huayang Universal Electronics, far from special science and technology many suppliers have been for the market to keep up with consumer electronics pace of development of IVI systems (vehicle information system). Held in February 2012, the Eighth Guangzhou International Automobile modification services industry exhibition, Intel Foryou General Electronics Co., Ltd. jointly announced the launch of a new generation of IVI systems based on the Intel Atom processor. It is reported that the system brings together the Intel Huayang lead in the field, with voice input, voice command, gesture control and a series of advanced features, will provide consumers with richer choices to meet their needs for more secure the urgent needs of the Internet, pleasant and intelligent driving experience.

The ultimate goal of networking cars toward the people and cars, cars and trucks, vehicles and traffic harmonious coexistence of intelligent traffic, but a single networked car is just a particle of the entire intelligent transportation also need to have an invisible network of these particles together . Car mobile Internet of Things (vehicle networking) in 2010 as a national major projects special projects, officially opened and networking vehicle-related intelligent transportation network construction, the corresponding building is also in full swing.

¬†According to “Beijing” second five “cities and major infrastructure construction planning”, 2015, Beijing will co-ordinate the deployment of the city’s sensors, probes, electronic logo and other various types of sensor terminal, construction of the unified management of the city’s probe system, improve the traffic information collection system, construction of covering the city and focus on peri-urban area to traffic illegal monitoring and analysis system; build intelligent traffic figures, resource center and travel information service system to provide real-time through the website, SMS, e-mail and other means convenient, personalized traffic video, and travel route guidance, traffic control and other information services, to promote the car, the car short-range communication technology applications, and promote the interactive perception of intelligent transportation systems and vehicles to promote the Internet of Things technology in the management of motor vehicle safety inspection applications, to promote intelligent monitoring the parking lot construction, and gradually build the mazda dvd player country’s leading car networking.

In December 2011, by the China Aviation Industry Group 615, the China Electronic Information Industry Group 6 where domestic more than 10 central enterprises and universities, designed to crack the traffic jam “urban disease” research institutes, national car moving objects networked joint The design center is also established in Beijing.

I believe that in the near futurePsychology Articles, the networking vehicle development in China will enter the fast-track the development of this industry will effectively drive the upgrade of the downstream industry chain.

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