Installing LED Shop/Barn Lighting – UFO High Bay Lights

Installing LED Shop/Barn Lighting – UFO High Bay Lights

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-Parts List-
Grandlumen 200w High Bay UFO Lights:
16″ Vintage Barn Hanging Pendant:
Kobi Electric R30 4000k:

I spend most of the time working on the barn in the evenings, after my chores on the farm are done for the day, so it’s always been a high priority to install good lighting. First I want to install some work lights underneath the loft area. I decide to run all the wire through conduit, since it’ll be visible. I’m especially looking forward to getting two lights installed right above my welding table, where I spend most of my time working. After that, I get to work replacing my old metal halide high bay lights with new UFO high bay 200w lights. These new lights really light up the barn at night with a nice white color and eliminate the humming noise that the old lights used to make, which was starting to drive me crazy. All the new lighting really improved the barn as a work space at night time.

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