IKEA Spanst LED Light Bar vs Quasar Science

IKEA Spanst LED Light Bar vs Quasar Science

Take a look at the new IKEA Spanst LED Light Bar vs Quasar Science LED lights. The IKEA Spanst LED light stick compares well in a handful of ways to the Quasar Science Q-LED lights, but begins to fall short when it comes to brightness, dimmability and color temperature. The new IKEA Spanst lights only come in 16″ and 4 foot 3500 kelvin versions, while the Quasar Science lights come in 1′,2′, 4′ and even up from there with many variations in color temperatures and even RGB versions. The IKEA lights are only $20 and $40 respectively, while the 4′ Quasars start at about $75 and go up from there.

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The IKEA lights work great as practicals in your scenes, music videos and sci-fi shows, but beyond that, they’re not very good as key lights and lighting your scenes.

Find the IKEA lights here: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80416632/

Quasar Science lights here: https://www.quasarscience.com/pages/q-led

I have no affiliation with either company and these are just my honest opinions and findings.



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