IKEA Kitchen Lighting OMLOPP – How to Install Countertop LED Lights

IKEA Kitchen Lighting OMLOPP – How to Install Countertop LED Lights

Installing IKEA Kitchen Lighting OMLOPP. How to Install Countertop Led Light for kitchen worktops. The OMLOPP LED lighting comes in three lengths, 80 60 and 40 cm. Completed with an electronic LED Power supply with wireless receiver. One power supply cord. One Intermediate connection cord, to connect several lights together with only one connection to the main supply (normally to use more then one led power supply). 💟 Subscribe https://goo.gl/zp1F6R

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One remote control, that turns on or off all lighting units connected in a chain simultaneously. In this example, 4 OMLOPP Led lights, totalizing 30.7 Watts of output. One power supply of 30 Watts is enough. To use more led lights is advisable to use more then one power supply.

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