HSM 104.3 Level 2 Strip Cut Office Paper Shredder Review

The HSM 104.3 Strip Cut Shredder is
designed for deskside use in a professional office where shredding needs
are high. Available in two different models, this strip cut shredder
is built for functionality and convenience. With automatic features for
simple use and powerful blades to slice documents into narrow strips,
the 104.3 is an efficient way to shred your unwanted items. Let’s take a
closer look at this shredder.



Overall, the HSM
104.3 Strip Cut Shredder is a great machine for personal deskside use.
It could also work well as a shared machine between a few users.
Automatic features offer ease of operation while the speeds and
capacities create an efficient device. With a quiet run motor and a
warranty backingFind Article, this machine is reliably convenient. We think the HSM
104.3 is a great choice for your next personal shredder.

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