HOW TO SOLDER LED STRIP LIGHTS the best way. Keep from damaging the LED chips with to much heat. See how to make a secure electrical soldered contact. See why soldered wires are better than snap connectors. Take a look at the best tools to use. See the best tools to use. LED strip light soldering step by step. Call 817 517 4757 today for a free quote. Our prices are very affordable.

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For LED Lighting:
For Crown Molding:

“Install LED lighting strips and crown molding”
step by step in great detail. It does not get any easier! See how to install flat back foam crown molding that with simple painters caulk. We will show you how to apply reflective tape for a smoother light output on your ceiling. Step by step installing LED lighting strips.
We will explain the best dimmer switches to use.

Great warranty on all products. See how to dim LED lighting in your home the easy way. There are several way to control LED lighting strips in indirect lighting in crown molding.
We have a manual dimmer that are hardwired in a wall. There is voice controlled dimmer that controls with Alexa, Google and Nest smart apps.
They can also be controlled with most smart phones. We offer power pack
and dimmers wired together. Just plug them in and program according to the smart app installation instructions. We offer a complete wired dimmer/power pack package system. It’s great way to control LED is with a wireless dimmer. It works up to 50 feet of the power pack. It can be mounted on most any surface. I requires no power not even a battery. We offer free design and tech support. Are prices are very reasonable for high quality LED strips, transformers, dimmer switches and power supplies.


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