How To Properly Aim LED Headlights | Headlight Revolution

How To Properly Aim LED Headlights | Headlight Revolution

If you’re looking to upgrade the headlights on your vehicle, take a look at Headlight Revolution. We’ve tested hundreds of LED bulbs to find the brightest LED headlight bulbs that still keep the original factory beam pattern:

Anytime you change your headlight bulbs it’s important to then aim the headlight housing – especially when upgrading the bulbs to something brighter like LED. In this video, Chris walks you through the steps of how to properly aim your headlights to avoid blinding and shining other drivers. The process is simple and will help you get the most out of your new headlight bulbs.

Want to see the difference aiming your headlights can make? Watch at 6:40 for a before demo where we drove around with LED headlights aimed too high. Notice how the cutoff line hits the road signs. Other drivers didn’t like it! At 7:22 we lower the headlights while still keeping the LED headlight bulbs installed. Just with some slight tweaking from the aiming, the headlights are way more useful and safe; the light was on the road and ditches where we needed it and not in the trees. Notice how the cutoff life from the beam is just below the street signs. This aiming puts the beam pattern at a safe spot to not blind and glare other drivers.

In the video, Chris talks about some LED bulbs working well and other that work poorly. Here are a few videos that show our testing and what we look for when choosing the best LED headlight bulbs to sell:

What to look for when buying LED headlight bulbs:

A LED headlight bulb shootout where we test and compare popular LED headlight brands:

And a video where we show the top feature of LED headlight bulbs to AVOID–LED bulbs with three or more sides:

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