How To Promote Affiliate Products on eBay

You can use eBay to not only sell eBooks or physical items on eBay, you can also use eBay to promote affiliate products. After all, eBay has 200+ million users and is one of the most visited eCommerce websites in the world. This article will describe various methods that can be used to promote affiliate products on eBay.

Promote affiliate products by creating selling small reports

One of the best ways to promote affiliate products on eBay is by creating short reports describing just about anything. The report needs to be 7-15 pages long and it needs to be informative and useful. In other words quality content. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just informative and useful. In order to promote affiliate products this report can contain “branded” links to products or items that will provide you with a commission if someone makes a purchase via your link. As an example, suppose you find that digital cameras are a popular selling item on eBay. You don’t want to try to compete with other sellers on eBay by trying to sell the same kind of camera. But you can create a short report describing ways to use a digital camera, such things as lighting, when to use a flash or not, and even photo processing. Within this report, you can place affiliate links for cameras, camera accessories(tripods, lighting, etc.), photo processing software and so on. There are several affiliate programs such as Amazon’s Associate program and Commission Junction that provide commissions for physical items. Just about any subject that people may be interested in can be a market for this method. If there is enough interest, there is usually a market for it, no matter how small. Of course it isn’t necessary to sell the report; you can give it away for $.01 or $.99, since eBay requires a price of some kind. It should still be well written and informative.

Promote affiliate programs using eBay’s Classified Ad Format

Another way to use eBay to promote affiliate products is to use eBay’s Classified Ad format. The ad can contain a short ad containing a link to the sales page for the affiliate program in question. The ad costs $9.95 for 30 days, and if you add a “Pro” pack, the total cost is around $39. That sounds like a lot, but it works out to around $1.33 a day. You will get a lot of exposure if what you are promoting is popular and if you choose your keywords correctly.

As you can see, there are some ways to use eBay as a method to promote your affiliate programs and they can be very cost effective. Try some of these methods out and you may be pleasantly surprised. You can combine the above methods by creating as report and give it away with a classified ad. Simply put a link to a download page or describe in the ad text how you will get the report to interested parties. You will have to put a price in when you create the adArticle Search, but describe in the ad how you want to give this report away.

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