How To Make LED Flags/ Whips

How To Make LED Flags/ Whips

In this video I explain/ show how I made a set of my LED flag poles or LED whips. The total cost for this is around $40-$50 depending on how good of quality flags you buy (if using for flags on a truck like mine). You should be able to make a set of these in 2 hours. It took me about 4 hours to make while filming it all and setting up the camera angles etc.
I hope you enjoy, if you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer them all.

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LED’s :

LED Controller :

Video Links –


Tools/ Material Needed:
1 – Approx. 2x 6′ 1″ Diameter Poles (steel for strength)
2 – 15′ of CLEAR heat shrink (mine was 2″ but will vary depending on your pole diamter)
3 – 2x Multi color Waterproof LED reals (5m or 16ft)
4 – 36 amp IR controller
5 – 16 gauge 4 Conductor wire apprx 20ft
6 – Electrical Tape
7 – Heat Gun
8 – 2x 1in Flag pole mounts
9 – Varies bolts
10 – Zip Ties
11 – 2x 3’x5′ Flags
12 – Acetone
13 – 12v Switch
14 – Metal File
15 – Drill Bits
16 – Steel Plate
17 – Spray Paint
18 – Varies other tools noted in the video

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