How to Make Car Indicators LED Lights

How to Make Car Indicators LED Lights

How to create a car indicator led light for your own old car connect wire led light to the original car wires vw mk2 golf 2 / jetta 2 old bumpers turn signals led lamp front bar steering lamp for volkswagen golf mk1 mk2 small bumpers jetta 1, vw caddy mk1 pick up turn signals, vw caddy mk2, polo 86c, audi 50, audi 80,

Turn Signal Light Smoked Small Bumper For VW Volkswagen

How to make car climate controller led light golf 2 / jetta 2

How to install oil bar pressure / temperature sensor gauge kit led light

Change car oil pressure / oil temperature gauge led light

How to build a car custom center console armrest storage box

How to install car rocker led switch in a car dashboard

How to replace coolant thermostat housing vw golf / jetta 2

How to replace a valve cover gasket on a Golf 2 1.3I

How to replace radiator cooling fan motor golf 2

How to replace fuel pump vw golf 2 / jetta mk2

How to removal/replaced car radiator core replace heater blower motor vw wave mk2 / jetta a2

in this video i show how to make vehicle light

इस वीडियो में मैं दिखा कैसे वाहन प्रकाश बनाने के लिए

dalam video ini saya menunjukkan bagaimana untuk membuat kendaraan ringan

Как да си направите акрилна автомобил led светлини
Πώς να κάνει Ακρυλικό αυτοκίνητο led φώτα
kuinka tehdä akryyli auton led-valot
acryl auto led-leuchten
acrylique lumières de led
come rendere le luci led auto acrilico
nasıl akrilik araba yapmak led ışıkları
Как сделать акриловые автомобилей Светодиодные фонари
Como fazer acrílico carro luzes led

कार एलईडी लाइट स्थापित करें

DIY Car Making a led indicator super bright 12 volts led lights panel for in car bumpers or old cars parts trucks motorcycle Cara membuat lampu LED Sein plexiglass panel of 5 mm thick with yellow 5mm 14 led light on a panel connection 2 leds in series aluminum foil with double-sided adhesive tape for reflection Superbright diy car alea Yellow Led Panel Lamp 11,000mcd For Car led turn signals diy led indicators diy car (subject) car exterior inspired diy car alae
car led parts led light panel i like to make car stuff 車の led
i like to make low money car stuff 12V LEDแบตเตอรี่ดำเนิน

DIY कार चैनल

LED transparent
Color (light) yellow
Light strength 8000 … 11000 mcd
Angle 20 °
Wavelength 525 nm
Diameter 5 mm
Power voltage 2.4 V
Power 5 … 20 mA

resistor 390 ohms 2 leds in serie

Yellow 5mm LED 8000 – 11000 mcd

One More Day (Night Trance Remix) DimaHrustalevNT

कैसे कार संकेतक एलईडी लाइट्स बनाने के लिए

Cara membuat lampu indikator LED mobil

Como crear luces de indicadores LED de coche

Come creare luci indicatori LED auto

Wie erstelle ich Indikatoren LED Autolichter

Dönüş sinyalleri ışıklarını araba göstergeleri LED oluşturma

Come creare auto indicatori LED Luci indicatori di direzione

Como criar indicadores de carro LED luzes piscas

एकल मिनी एलईडी लाइट स्क्वायर


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