How to make a LED sign

How to make a LED sign

RGB Light Strips $ 419.80
RGB Wall Controller $ 49.95
Power Supply $ 114.90
Plexi Glass $ 169.00
1″x4″x8′ Panels $ 42.68
4’x8′ Plywood $ 13.97
Silicone $ 3.97
Screws & Hardware $ 18.68
Vinyl $ 165.00

TOTAL COST $ 997.95

NFLS-RGBX2 series flexible LED light strip with high power 5050SMD RGB LEDs. 5 meter (197 in), 1 meter (39 in), and 1/2 meter (19.5 in) with copper, black, or white finish. Non-weatherproof flexible light strips with adhesive backing, can be cut into 3-LED segments. No RGB controller on board, strips have separate RGB power inputs and common anode wire, Use any of our Universal RGB Controllers to dynamically control the strips – Due to voltage drop, after 5 meters run wire back to source. 12VDC operation. Available in Standard Density version. Dimmable – See compatible LED dimmers.

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