How to install LED light strips behind TV (USB LED STRIP FOR TV)

How to install LED light strips behind TV (USB LED STRIP FOR TV)

How to install led strip lights behind tv
tv led lighting installation

INCLUDES – 118 inches RGB LED light strip with 39 inches LED controller USB cable and 17 keys RF wireless remote. The led light strip to create a romantic home theater , display 20 fantastic colors, 20 dynamic modes, 5 brightness and 10 speed setting, dimmable, and can remember the previous color setting
REDUCE EYE STRAIN – With increasing screen time, eyestrain and headaches have become more and more common. The bias lighting save your eyes and prevent unwanted headaches in both children and adults by reducing the contrast between the brightness of the TV and the surrounding room.
ADVANTAGE – High quality and brightness leds, control with RF remote, the remote control distance is up to 49ft, and you don’t need to point at the led controller while you control. The tv light strip use orginal 3M adhesive backing tape, it is very thick and sticky, and will not fall off easily
USB POWERED – DC 5V 3A, powered by USB, can be plugged into TV, TV BOX, USB Hub, Computer, Car etc, please note for a small part TV USB port might not supply enough power, or you can simply use 5V 2A-5A universal USB wall charger to power instead.


Achivy LED light strip

Strip light mounting brackets

L shape 4 pin connector pack

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