How to Install Access Truck Bed LED Light Strip

How to Install Access Truck Bed LED Light Strip

Access Truck Bed LED Light Strip:

The access truck bed light is a very bright led light that you place in your truck bed. When you push the button on the light strip it lights up your truck bed with an intense white light. Come in multiple sizes.

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Hey, guys, John here with Today I wanna show you how to install the Access Truck Bed LED Light Strip on this 1999 Ford F250.

So we’ve got our LED truck bed light strip out of the bag. You can see here it comes complete with everything you need to install it. It comes with, of course, the light strip already prewired with a switch, and wiring that’s need to hook it up, and the neat thing is you can get these is a 12, 24, 39, or 60 inch length, depending on what you wanna use it for. So let’s get this into the truck.

Got everything ready to go here to put our bed light in, so what we wanna do before we do that is take a rag with some isopropyl alcohol or something along that lines that’s gonna clean this up, and just wipe it down real good to clean it off and then you’re ready to start putting the light strip in. So what we are gonna do now then is we’re just gonna peel back a little bit of the strip and we’re gonna start attaching it in here in our truck bed.

Right, guys, we’ve got our bed light strip in here, it looks pretty nice, nice and even, got our switch here ready to go. So now what we’ve got to do is we got to hook up our wires, and what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna run the wires through the holes that are already here for the stake pockets. Run the wire through here, and bring it down inside, and bring it back to the tail light where we’re gonna hook up the ground. And then we’ll hook the hot red wire up to the tail light trigger wire. So let’s get the tail light out, and get this ran, and get it hooked up.

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