How to install a bathroom vanity light step-by-step

How to install a bathroom vanity light step-by-step

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Install new vanity LED light step by step. Always Shut power to the fixture. Double check with a multi meter to verify no current is present then your safe to work on the light.
Remove old fixture.
Mount mounting plate for this new fixture. Either by drilling 2 holes for the plastic anchor screws or with 2 screws from the outlet box from original fixture as i did.
This fixture is a little heavy so you may need an extra pair of hands to hold the fixture while you connect the 3 wires.
a. As i did wrap the copper lead from the wall around the ground
screw and tighten, then attach the cooper lead from fixture
b. Connect the black wire from the fixture to the black wire from
the wall
c. Connect the white wire from fixture to the white wire from the
Set light fixture onto the mounting plate secure it with the 4 screws, tighten
with the provided toll remove the 4 tightening rings from the LED lights set the 4 Glass cubes on them then screw the rings back on use provided toll to tighten them. Make sure they are all square to the fixture.
Step back turn on power and flip that switch and enjoy your new LED vanity light

If you like to check out this LED vanity light here is a link to it at Home Depot:

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