How to Convert Landscape Holagen Bulbs to LED

How to Convert Landscape Holagen Bulbs to LED

Here is a link to purchase new bulbs:
This video shows how to convert a MR16 holagen bulb used for landscape or outdoor lighting, to an LED light source. These bulbs were purchased at Home Depot in the light bulbs section of the store. The outdoor lighting department only had halogen bulbs available in the isle. Unless purchasing new fixtures. Since this was an upgrade and the original light housings were in decent shape only the led bulbs were needed.
LED lighting uses a fraction of the electricity needed to power the mr16 halogen bulbs, never become hot to the touch and last much longer. The light is vibrant.

This video will also show how to re purpose old exterior light sight glass. The glass on outdoor lighting can become dirty and only allow a small portion of light being generated by the bulbs to show through. This is do mostly to the natural elements in the environment. (weathering) These lights are located in Florida so they had become sun damaged. But being these were old school metal housing light fixtures they are still very reliable. Also the sprinkler system in the yard of this property had been on well water for over 20 years so that had a lot to do with the condition of several of the sight glass. The time/ transformer on this system is a Malibu 8100-9120-01 and seems to be a good at doing it’s job.


  1. sissy murphy on January 21, 2023 at 8:18 pm

    I have portfolio landscape lights from lowes I just installed and want to change the halogen bulbs to LED bulbs .But all the ones I see say they are for dc controller and my old set was a malibu ac controller also .Can the bulbs that say dc be used on ac controller .I can’t see any difference in them .My bulbs that are in there now say T5 on them and item number for the set is 0688428 .I can get the ones for the dc unit really cheap and wonder if it is worth the try to buy them

  2. Muhammed Mahmood on January 21, 2023 at 8:27 pm

    Normally when we remove like this,gaskets getting deteriorating and water passing inside the lights later on. What is the reason and how we can overcome this?

  3. Texan JimBob on January 21, 2023 at 8:59 pm

    You can use "Barkeeper’s Friend" powdered cleaner to clean up the glass. Works great on gas fireplace fogging also!