H4 Mini LED projector 1.5 Inch an overview

H4 Mini LED projector 1.5 Inch an overview

Hi All, Welcome back to an another video of H4 1.5 inch Mini led Projector bulb over view..


0:00 to 0:40 Un-boxing
0:41 to 3:25 H4 mini led projector overview
3:26 to 3:40 Weight Measurement
3:41 to 4:50 Size Measurements
4:51 to 6:38 Power (watts) Measurements
6:39 to 8:46 Temperature Measurement
8:47 to 11:05 Fixing the bulb on the Head light housing
11:06 to 12:14 Checking the light Alignment
12:15 to 14:21 Road Test..

I have been waiting for this setup a LED Chip in mini 1.5 inch projector. I tried and made one by altering the Mini H4 Hid projector with LED bulb but unable to achieve a perfect beam pattern and brightness due to low quality reflectors

Now a new design is in the market, Lets go through the bulb quality and built.
The H4 mini LED projector is made up of aluminum, it is very sturdy and strong and HEAVY too. LED’S are Chip Scale Package (CSP) type, Chines made. Vertically placed Two side led chips for HIGH BEAM. High beam lights are reflected by using car headlight reflector itself. Only Low beam light is projected through the lens. The cut-off line is created using a fixed design on the projector it self. NO moving parts to create cut-off line, it is an advantage, So no worry of failure on Magnetic solenoids and No shaky cut-off lines.
The Heat Sink is removable and the protective rubber in between the heat sink and bulb is removable, wire cannot be positioned in center of the heat sink because the connector cap is too big to pass through the heat sink.So the only option is to keep wire in original set up between the heat-sink and bulb.

The wire is round and kinda stiff, little hard to bend, length is OK (few centimeters more will be better). The Connector pins are big,and looks strong. The ballast are small and compact.

Projector weighs 122 grams or 4.303 Ounce or 0.268 Pound, With ballast and projector weighs 224 grams or 7.903 Ounce or 0.493 Pound.

Full length of the projector is 11.4 centimeters or 5.11 inches. The projector lens width is 3.5 centimeters or 1.377 inches. The heat sink width is 5 centimeters or 1.96 Inches.

As all LED bulbs, this bulb too need Some Space behind the bulb.
Position of the Halogen Filament and LED chip are similar

Low beam consumes 14.watts, In High beam mode, Both Low beam and High Beam chips (all the three chip) are ON, In High beam ( with all the three led ON) it consumes 21 watts.

The bulb is kept switched ON in High beam for 20+ minutes for temperature reading.

On the LED chip it is 124° Celsius or 255° Fahrenheit, On the Heat Sink it is around 55° Celsius or 131° Fahrenheit,
On the Ballast (power controller) the temperature is around 54° Celsius or 129° Fahrenheit,
On the lens the temperature is around 70° Celsius or 158° Fahrenheit

When Fixing the mini led projector on the Headlight housing, If you have the ( anti glare) shield, you cannot fit the bulb,The (anti glare) shield need to be removed. Heat sink need to be removed, before fitting the bulb in the headlight.

After securing the bulb with the clip, now put back the Heat sink. The Heat sink cannot be tightened to the full, It will press against the clip (bulb holder). If the Heat Sink rotated against the clips to full tight, it will release the clip (pin) and the bulb will come off.

BAD luck got a Improperly Aligned bulbs, Actually the cut off line should be aligned in straight line..

If fitted in the headlight housing, the cut-off line is in a slanting position (Manufacturing defect).

There is no rotating adjustment in the bulb to align.
Due the improper alignment (cut-off) A short Road test is made.

My opinion…

Even though it is projected, The light is NOT bright as Cree xhp 50..

High beam brightness is OK, But NOT as bright as Cree xhp 50 quad bulb…



Pros (+) Positive points

1) Bulb is Strong and Sturdy.
2) Produces Whiter light, not Blueish, should be between 5700k to 6500k
3) NO moving parts to create High beam and low beam,
4) No shaking cut-off lines (cheap projector have this problem)

Cons (-) Negative Points

1) To fix this bulb, you have to remove the anti glare shield (covering the halogen bulbs) inside the headlight.
2) BRIGHTNESS is not expected, Need Double the amount of brightness.

Will upload a complete On-Road test, Brightness, lux test after aligning the bulb…

Share Your thoughts (Positive) or (Negative), which help to improve my next video..

Thank You for watching…

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