Go carbon neutral on outdoor garden lights

How to get carbon neutral lighting in your garden.

Installing lights outdoors can be a tricky business and if you want to be carbon neutral then the best option is to choose outdoor solar lighting.

There are many different types of solar lights on the market.  The older types used Nicad chemistry to power the cells, newer models now run on NiMH cells.  Solar lights powered on NiMH will not suffer the memory effect of the old Nicad and will last for over 1,000 charges without any loss of power.  By carefully placing each light in dark corners and making sure daylight will reach the solar panel they will continue to charge even on dull days.  If you are lucky to have a south facing garden then positioning the solar lights will be no problem.  For gardens facing north or if you have tall trees and shrubs make a map of the plot and work out the best angle for the solar panels.  Ground solar lights often have spikes which can be pushed into the ground at an angle to face the sun. 

Garden items will weather, to avoid replacing wornPsychology Articles, cracked or rusty lights the best option is stainless steelm solar lights.  These will stay clean and bright for many years and just need a yearly clean to keep the solar panels clear.  To replace the cells just remove the solar panels to access the cells.  Most run on AA type cells and are widely available from hardware stores or visit urbanlights.co.uk 

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