GE LED Retrofit Tubes for Fluorescent Fixtures

GE LED Retrofit Tubes for Fluorescent Fixtures
GE Lighting’s innovative products for contractors include GE’s LED family of LED retrofit tubes for fluorescent fixtures. Most of these LED tubes are available in either UL Type A, which works on existing instant start ballasts, or UL Type C which needs a separate LED driver installed.

LED tubes are available in either glass or polycarbonate versions.

The polycarbonate tube has a fairly large reflector behind it, so it’s a little bit more directional than the glass tube, approximately 190
degrees of beam spread. On the glass tube it has a very small reflector, so it’s approximately 270 degree beam distribution, so it lights up the fixture very well.

Generally speaking the best application for polycarbonate tubes is food processes. GE’s polycarbonate tube is shatter resistant and is
National Sanitation Foundation rated.

GE’s LED glass tubes applications are very similar to the polycarbonate tubes with one exception. Generally speaking, the glass tubes are best used for general usage where shatter resistant is not critical.

Whether glass or polycarbonate tubes are best for your application, they’re both available in a variety of configurations.

Additionally, GE has recently released a U-Tube and High Lumen Biax version, for commercial, office, healthcare and retail markets.

Specifically, the U-Tube lamp comes in 6″ spacings and 1 5/8″ spacing. It’s an integrated UL Type A tube, which is easy plug and play, with fixtures containing instant start ballasts already.

GE’s High Lumen Biax version has just been released. Applications include anywhere a compact fluorescent 4 pin high lumen biax is currently being used.

Whether your application requires a UL Type A or Type C tube, glass or polycarbonate material, U-Tubes or High Lumen Biax, GE is the reliable, tried and tested brand of choice, having been partners with Graybar for 120 years.

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