Garage LED Lighting Installed! Thank you all!

Garage LED Lighting Installed! Thank you all!

In this week’s video, I upgrade the garage to LED Lighting! It was time consuming, but not difficult.

Thanks to all my subscribers who watch, like & comment on my videos. You all have made this possible! Stay tuned for a one-of-a-kind giveaway…

Here’s the lighting I ordered:

4ft 18W VersaT8 LED Tube РBallast Compatible or Bypass Р(UL+DLC) Р5000K / Frosted (Qty 36) 287.64 from Greentek Energy Systems

4ft LED Ready Strip Light Р2-lamp РLED T8 bulbs not included РMaxLite LSS2XT8USE4803 Р75303 (Qty 18) 287.28 from

(Nothing is sponsored here and no, they didn’t give me a discount for posting this to YouTube. These were the best prices I could find online at the time, on in-stock items.)

Here’s the Garage Journal Forum thread on all of the LED lighting options and prices:

If you’re customizing your garage, you should spend some time on these forums – I’ve learned a lot there.

EDIT: I said 12-2 wire in the video, but I meant to say that I used 14-2 wire.

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