Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting (ITRI)-English

Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting (ITRI)-English

Overall Introduction:
Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting combines an innovative water turbine micro-generator with LED light engine to form two unique devices Fluid-Driven Nozzle Light (FDNL) and Fluid-Driven Sprinkler Light (FDSL). Whenever water flows through the turbine blade within the micro-generator, a small part of the energy is converted to electricity to power the light. In fire sites, FDNL mounted on a regular fire-fighting nozzle and FDSL mounted on a sprinkler head can provide brilliant illumination and indication without outside electricity. These not only solve the issue of clumsy yet insufficient lighting equipment firefighters have to carry to enter a fire site, but also shine the pathway to safety for people trying to escape out of the heavy smoke. The FDNL has been field tested by fire-fighting squads in Taiwan and has actually saved many lives in rescue missions.

Technology Benefits:
– Robust and maintenance free.
– Unlimited illumination at fire scenes when firefighters gunning water at fire.
– Automatic, built-in, and inherently compact system.
– Uniquely shining particles along the laser beam in opaque smoke.
– LED lighting has higher reliability and higher illumination under cooling water.

– Firefighting and Safety.
– Building Generation.
– Agriculture Sensing.
– Garden Sprinkler.
– Swimming Pool and Fountain.
– Engineering Pumping System.

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