F350 XLT Model Plow Truck Warning Lights – Custom Wicked Warnings LED Warning Lights Package

F350 XLT Model Plow Truck Warning Lights – Custom Wicked Warnings LED Warning Lights Package

New install for a Ford Super Duty F350 plow truck with a custom LED warning lights package from Wicked Warnings. All Wicked Warnings products featured in this video are linked below. Visit https://www.wickedwarnings.com to see full product details.

This custom warning light package features a number of LED strobe warning lights from Wicked Warnings. Watch until the end to see these strobe lights in action. Plow season is coming up quickly! For your custom plow truck warning lights package and design, call Wicked Warnings at 1-630-361-4390, email at info@wickedwarnings.com, or send us a message from our website. Be Seen and Be Safe.

Wicked Warnings works alongside each of our clients to develop custom safety and lighting systems for both personal vehicles and fleets. With Wicked Warnings, you receive more than just top-grade products; you receive expert advice and support from industry leading experts.

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Products Featured:
Thin-X – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/thin-x/
LED HAW DUO – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/led-haw-duo/
LIN-6 LED Strobe Light – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/lin-6-led-strobe-light/
TIR-3 LED Strobe Light – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/tir-3-led-strobe-light/
Wicked Warnings Mirror Mod Kit – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/wicked-mirror-mod-kit/
Dual 8″ WHITE LED Grille Kit – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/dual-8-inch-led-grille-kit/
PLATINUM SERIES Atomic LED Strobe Cab Clearance Lights – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/atomic-led-cab-clearance-lights/
Carson Undercover Defender Siren & Speaker Kits – https://www.wickedwarnings.com/product/defender-siren-speaker-kits/

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