Every Dashboard Warning Lights in Your Car Explained | Part – 1

Every Dashboard Warning Lights in Your Car Explained | Part – 1

Every Car Dashboard Warning Lights Explained | Part – 1

The electronics system in today’s cars relies on sensors attached to warning lights and symbols on the dashboard. There are two main types of dashboard warning lights available red and orange. A red warning light usually indicates a severe problem with your car. If your dashboard warning light is red, you should act quickly.

An orange or yellow dashboard warning light means the Engine Management system – the computer running the engine – has detected a malfunction. You can continue to drive a car with an orange dashboard warning light, but you should visit your local service center as soon as possible for diagnosis and repair.

A Green or Blue dashboard light lets you know the system is on and operating.

Warning Symbols
1. Engine Temperature Warning Light
2. Transmission Temperature
3. Battery Charge Warning Light
4. Oil Pressure Warning Light:
5. Brake Warning Light

Safety Symbols
6. Tire Pressure Warning Light
7. Security Alert
8. Side Airbag
9. Reduced Power Warning
10. Seat Belt Indicator
11. Press Clutch Pedal
12. Press Brake Pedal
13. Powertrain Fault
14. Power Steering Warning Light
15. Steering Wheel Lock
16. Parking Brake Light
17. Traction Control Off
18. Traction Control Light
19. Trailer Tow Hitch Warning
20. Check Engine
21. Service Vehicle Soon
22. Overdrive Light
23. Oil Change Reminder
24. Master Warning Light
25. Icy Road Warning Light
26. Gas/Fuel Cap
27. ESP Fault/Traction Control Malfunction
28. Distance Warning
29. Clogged Air Filter
30. Catalytic Converter Warning
31. Brake Fluid
32. Brake Pad Warning
33. Brake Lights Warning
34. Automatic Gearbox Warning
35. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
36. All Wheel Drive (AWD/4WD)
37. 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) LOCK Indicator Light
38. Airbag Indicator
39. Air Suspension

Lighting Symbols
40. Low Beam Indicator Light
41. Lamp Out
42. Exterior Light Fault
43. High Beam Light Indicator
44. Auto High Beam
45. Headlight Range Control
46. Front Fog Lights
47. Adaptive Light System
48. Side Light Indicator
49. Rear Fog Lights Switched On
50. Rain and Light Sensor

Common Symbols
51. Windshield Defrost / Rear Window Defrost
52. Washer Fluid Reminder
53. Low Fuel Level
54. Key Not in Vehicle
55. Hood/Bonnet Open
56. Hazard Lights On
57. Door Ajar
58. Direction/Signal Indicators

Advanced Feature Symbols
59. Recirculated Cabin Air
60. Rear Spoiler Warning
61. Parking with Park Assist Pilot
62. Lane Assist
63. Lane Departure Warning
64. Key Fob Battery Low
65. Ignition Switch Warning
66. Hill Descent Control
67. Forward Collision Warning
68. Eco Driving Indicator
69. Cruise Control
70. Adaptive Cruise Control
71. Convertible Roof Warning Light
72. Brake Hold Indicator Light
73. Blind Spot Indicator Light
74. Auto Windscreen Wiping
75. Windshield washer fluid light
76. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
77. Winter Mode
78. Start/Stop Warning Light
79. Speed Limiter
80. EV mode

—- Time Stamp —
00:00 – Introduction
00:54 – Warning Symbols
06:14 – Safety Symbols
28:19 – Light Symbols
30:57 – Common Symbols
34:06 – Advanced Feature Symbols

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