Enhance Holiday Lighting with RGB LED Controller

Holiday lighting shall be vivid, dynamic and saturated to meet the happy atmosphere. We always decorate our houses with colorful lighting, and RGB LED strip lights are the most popular ones now. Choosing a good RGB LED controller will greatly enhance the lighting effects.

Good RGB LED controller enables the LED lights to run with dynamic changing patterns and be dimmed to a proper brightness that are suitable for the holiday. Various types of RGB controllers are available in the market, you have to choose the right one according to the lights that you would like to install.


Generally there are two types of RGB lamps, AC input type and DC input type. For indoor use, DC version is perfect and reliable. For outdoor use, AC version can be more suitable. Actually it depends on your requirements. For instance, LED strip lights are available with DC 12V-24V input version and AC 100V-240V input version, and for outdoor use, a waterproof AC version is required. To control RGB lamps, a whole set of devices are required. A signal receiver that receives control signal and converts to PWM signal to dim the lights is required, and its output end shall be connected to the lights. A control unit that sends signal to the receiver is also necessary.


The receiver shall be compatible with the lamps. For AC version, the receiver has to come with AC input and output. For DC version, a DC input and output controller and a AC-DC power supply for the controller as well are required, please note that DC version varies with constant voltage output and constant current output, make sure to choose a right one for your lamps.


The output end of the receiver will be connected with the lamps and output PWM signal to control, and input end will receive the control signal, which can be variable depending on the receiver you choose. Generally there are RF/WiFi/Bluetooth wireless, DMX, DALI, 0-10V and other controllers available in the market. Choose the right control signal for them. They all have their advantages, wireless controller is more convenient and flexible to control and suitable for small area indoor lighting control. The controllers which have wiring with the control signals such as DMX, DALI and 0-10V are more stable and reliable than wireless ones and suitable for large area and outdoor lighting control. Once all the components are purchased correctlyScience Articles, they have to be wired and installed by a qualified electrician and then you can decorate your house as per your preference and enjoy the great holiday season.

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