Easy Cleaning Tips for Living Room Furniture


Very quickly however, it is will start to look dirty and ragged if you don’t look after it. The problem with living room furniture is that it is always being used, making it more prone to wear and tear. If, however, you know how to properly care for it, your priced living room pieces will last for years. Here are a few tips to keep them looking as good as new.Frequent cleaningMake it a habit to clean your living room furniture at least once a week. Cleaning regularly keeps the soil and dirt from building up. When vacuuming the furniture, pay close attention to the crevices and cushions as these are the dirtiest spots. If you should employ vacuum attachments, use those with soft bristles. Stiff brushes may break the fibers of the fabric and cause a hole in the upholstery. Use mild Detergents    There are many furniture cleaning products that you can buy in the market. Avoid those that have strong chemicals as they can cause great damage to your furniture. Many of these harsh cleaners can even wash off the color and protective coating of the furniture. If this happens, the piece will be more prone to damages and absorb more dirt. No Steam CleaningSteam cleaning seems like a great way to remove dirt and stains but it can actually destroy your living room furniture. Unlike the carpet, living room furniture is usually thicker and it might take days before it completely dries up. While it may look dry on the surface, there can still be moisture deep down which may cause it to smell or promote the growth of molds and mildew. Attend to spills immediatelySpills are inevitable in the living room, especially if you love to eat or rink while watching the tube. The best way to deal with such accidents is to attend to them as soon as they happen. Don’t let the substance soak in or it will be harder to get rid of. Get a clean white cloth and clean the stain in a pinching motion so it won’t spread. If the stain is solid, scrape it with a spoon and try not to rub it to keep the stain from soaking into the upholstery. Finish off by cleaning the spot with mild soap and warm water. Use warm waterMost spills can be easily removed by warm water. If you should use soap, use soaps that are specially made for living room furniture. Ordinary detergents tend to make a lot of suds which can leave a residue on the upholstery fabric and attract more dirt. Tap water is not advisable for stains because they contain chemicals like chlorine which can also wash off the color of your living room furniture. Caring for your living room furniture is simple and takes a bit of your time but it surely pays off in the end.

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