DMX Lighting Controller And DMX Dimmer For Vivid Home Lighting Control

DMX lighting controller is an advanced solution for those who requires complicated lighting design. It is not as simple as a traditional dimmer, which only enables to switch on/off and dim brightness of single color lights. It enables more unlimited possibilities.

A DMX dimmer is a digital lighting control solution that adopts DMX512 protocol which enables maximum 512 channels control, which means the DMX console control the decoders with total 512 channels, each channel can be configured to control a single PWM out or all PWM output of the decoders. Each DMX channel also can be configured to control brightness or dynamic changing effects of the PWM output.


DMX lighting controller is mainly used for RGB or RGBW LED lamps to create millions of colors and dynamic changing effects. For example, if you would like to host a party in your home, you may need DMX controllers for your RGB LED strips to make them more vivid and meet the party requirements. They are also great for holiday lighting control for your house.


DMX decoders receive DMX512 signal sent by the console, and converts it to PWM dimming signal, then outputs to the connected LED lamps. 1 channel PWM output takes up 1 DMX address, which means each DMX bus enables to connect 512 channels PWM output. For example, a RGBW decoder has 4 PWM channels, then each bus can connect 128 decoders and all of them can be controlled via one console.


There are various types of DMX consoles available in the market, keyboard type is a traditional one designed for lighting control that requires complicated adjustment of each PWM channel. Full touch panel is a simple and easy DMX console with full touch control, it is suitable for home lighting with easy-to-use interface for switch, dimming, RGB color adjustment and dynamic changing modes.


DMX decoders are available with AC-AC  or DC-DC type, so that to fit different types of LED lamps. Make sure to choose the correct one for your lamps. AC version is designed for AC input LED lamps and DC version is designed for DC input LEDs, and the output type of DC version is available in constant current and constant voltage. For DC versionBusiness Management Articles, an AC to DC power supply may be required. The DMX LED controller is reliable and stable for not only large lighting projects but also residential lighting to create different moods for different atmospheres.

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