DEMO Waterproof 10.1 inch Automotive & Industrial grade display monitor submerged in Fish Tank

DEMO Waterproof 10.1 inch Automotive & Industrial grade display monitor submerged in Fish Tank

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Xenarc Technologies demonstrates our 10.1″ Waterproof IP65 IP 67 Sunlight Readable Capacitive Touchscreen LED LCD Automotive & Industrial Display Monitor w/ HDMI, DVI, VGA & AV Inputs completely submerged in water in our Office Fish Aquarium and playing vidoe and sound while submerged in water proving that these industrial grade display touch screen monitors are built heavy duty and rugged to withstand the harshest of industrial environments.

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Xenarc Technologies corp. is the manufacturer, pioneer and industry leader of the latest in capacitive and resistive touch screen display technology for industrial systems integration, marine-grade applications, medical grade applications, military applications, POS Systems, Fleet Transportation Telematics and Management, Digital Signage, Casino Gaming Rugged Displays that are waterproof and sunlight readable.

Xenarc Technologies was the pioneer in bringing the 7″ Touch Screen diplsay LCD LED Monitors to market. We have expanded our line of industrial grade displays with a 7″ LED LCD industrial-grade touch screen with HDMI input (HDCP), VGA Input (15 pin D-SUB) and Capacitive Touchscreen technology. This Industrial display has the latest 7″ LCD Panel and incorporates the latest LED backlight technology, which increases brightness.

These commercial-grade display monitors support multi-monitor touchscreen and can work simultaneously once connected to a device. They are Plug-N-Play with Windows 7 and up and Android devices. Certain operating systems come with a mini on screen keyboard and a mouse cursor, so the touch panel essentially replaces your keyboard or mouse. IR remote control, auto power-on upon signal detection and a 26-pin heavy-duty connector with connector locking will provided added convenience to this industrial display. This unit is available in a 1000NIT direct sunlight readable version as the 702CSH. It is also available in an Optically Bonded 1000NIT direct sunlight readable version as the 702GSH.

Xenarc Technologies was founded in 2002 as a worldwide manufacturing company with the objective of designing, developing, and manufacturing complete all weather proof outdoor and indoor high brightness, sunlight readable, full HD LCD with sealed IP67/NEMA6P enclosures for a wide variety of industries. We have references all around the globe with almost hundreds of display screens installed in the harshest of environments. Our ruggedized outdoor touch screen displays provide real world proofing and reliability for years to come.

Why our products set us apart?
• Some products are completely Sealed (IP67/NEMA6P) Water/Dust Proof from ANY ANGLE
• Can withstand the WINTER COLD Outdoors
• Can withstand the SUMMER HEAT
• Proprietary upgraded backlight
• Operates under DIRECT SUNLIGHT
• Optional Built in Touchscreen (Resistive/Projected Capacitive) with tempered glass
• Fully Customizable to meet specific System requirements
• Use of Solid Capacitors in place of Electrolytic Capacitors for the best durability
• Strong internal chassis for improved ruggedness
• Ruggedized enclosure
• Designed to withstand vibration
• Wide Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
• Supports 9V DC ~ 36V DC
• “E” Mark Certified for Automotive use
• FCC, CE, E13 Certification
• ROHS Compliant
• 24 Month Warranty
• 30 Day No dead Pixel Guarantee

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