Decorating with candles

Candles are intrinsically connected to many events
in our lives, such as birthdays, holiday dinners and religious
celebrations. Recently, however, candles have become a part of our
everyday lives adding warmth style and mood to every room in your home.
See how the candles have managed doing this.

Think outside

If you live in the part of the country that has
mild temperatures, consider using lights and candles to create an
impressive entrance. This is especially dramatic if you are hosting a
party. Just make sure that everything you place that has a flame is in
a very safe and secure area.

Dress up Those Tea Candles

A great way to decorate is with those inexpensive
tea candles. You can buy them in bulk in most candle stores, at IKEA,
at bed and bath stores, even at your local mart. Take a few of them and
glue some decorative ribbon around the base or place them in decorative
holders. Spread them around for extra cheer or use them on tables or as
part of your dinner decorations.

Make Your Windows Sills Dramatic and Different

A grouping of candles all the same color on a
window sill makes a stunning decoration and can be easily enjoyed by
everyone from the curb as well. I live in a neighborhood that doesn’t
go all out with Christmas decorationsArticle Search, but still I like to come up with
ideas that are different from the norm. Dressing up your windows can be
easy and fun and it’s a great place to use little ingenuity. Pebbles
from the garden are perfect to add a little something extra and serve
as weights to hold the candles in place.


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