Dealing with an English Country


When we talk about English Countries we are so aware on how to deal with people who live in these places, people easily get intimidated when talking to English people. Known for their English cultures are the Celts, Romans, Vikings, Saxons and Normans they are very careful about their culture.London is one of the popular places that really preserved their cultures. They had marked their importance in this world by remaining their level on top. English are also open for some changes, proof is they already adapt some of the cultures they see from other people including languages and foods, and they really appreciate all these things.Aplomb is always the best trait that English people have. Londoners already showed the world on what they can do to persevered everything for the righteous of their country such as they fought against the Nazi bombing campaign  is really unbelievable that made them part of history.  Consider as a cosmopolitan place in the world. Imagine yourself living in this place eating your breakfast speaking in Farsi, Riding a taxi speaking in Urdu, ordering your coffee break in Arabic and spend time in the evening with your Cantonese friends. You got to believed it almost 300 languages are spoken in London itself.This city also holds the multicultural events and other festivities; they are also taking part of big celebrations for the Sikh, Bengali, Hindu and Chinese New Year’s. The spectacular Turkish belly dancers to 4 x 4 Bhangra dancers, Bharatanaytyam dancers to Flamenco Dancers and the Russian classical ballet to Mexican Folklorico which are known festivals around the world are also being held in London. One of the most influences that made this city so impressive is that they make sure that students are participating with every special event and you will just be amaze on how they will welcome you as their visitor being a part of their celebration.This place has already accepted some of the foreigners who migrated to their country. There are so many reasons on why other people decided to live for the rest of their lives in this place. The   opportunity to work in this place will definitely change your lifestyle; the quality of living is incomparable you will be living on a place that offers high class of personality. The chance to adapt their culture will also benefit you. There are different kinds of people that you will be meeting everyday and you will just be really glad that everything you see is on place.People who had live in this place that plans to live in other countries are easily determine, because they really maintain the characteristic of a true English people that make them different from people around them. People around the world have dream on living in London because they believe that they can assure of a brighter future specially graduates. There are countless of people visiting this place. With all the good things we hear about this place, of course they also have the same problems like other places has, traffic, crowded public transport, long working hours and high cost of living are also hitting this place, but the continues search for solutions is always there.London is also open for more improvements. The existence of some local establishments, markets, parks, leisure centers and other businesses has somehow help some of the villages to improve that will regardless of their population. There are also areas which show strong identities and associations that made this city more popular. London is always looking for more opportunities that will really connect them with different people all over the world.

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