CUSTOMIZE Your Tesla! | Tesla Model 3 | LED Lighting Kit

CUSTOMIZE Your Tesla! | Tesla Model 3 | LED Lighting Kit

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Unique Style Racing Lights:

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Description: This video is about installing, reviewing, and comparing the Unique Style Racing Tesla Model 3 Interior LED Lighting Kit. These lights are absolutely awesome. I also compare these to lights by several other manufacturers, including the Tesla OEM. We also cover any increases in power draw from these lights and any impact on efficiency they may have. Spoiler alert: It’s negligible.

Cameras: As always, this was shot in 4K with one or multiple GoPro Hero 7 Black cameras.

Music: Any and all music you hear in my videos was written and created by yours truly.

0:00 – Teaser
0:10 – Tesla’s Wild Intro
0:29 – Opening Remarks
2:09 – What’s in the Box?
3:17 – Screwdriver Tip
3:26 – Removing a Light
4:06 – Installing a Light
4:43 – Timelapse Installs
5:34 – BougeRV vs Unique Style Racing
6:03 – BougeRV vs Tesla OEM
6:21 – Unique Style Racing vs Tesla OEM
6:31 – BougeRV vs Unique Style Racing
7:08 – Showing the Gold
7:28 – Showing the Blue
8:03 – Dusk Viewing
8:48 – Wrapping Up
9:43 – Power Draw and Efficiency
11:07 – Closing Remarks

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