Crater LED High Bay and LED Low Bay Lights from LED Trail

Crater LED High Bay and LED Low Bay Lights from LED Trail

Crater High Bay LEDs are part of a new generation of lighting products that are widely used in high power lighting across the globe. Whether illuminating a warehouse, sports arena, outdoor area, or other commercial applications, Crater LEDs deliver the required efficacy, brilliant color quality, efficient light output and impressive long life necessary to get the job done in a variety of lighting applications.

Crater High bay lighting is generally designed for structures with over 20 ft. (6 meter) of height in garage facilities, storage areas, hangers, recreation centers, and other general high bay applications.

Crater also offers a series of Low Bay lighting fixtures that produce optimum illumination, and are designed to fit a variety of specific applications. Crater Low Bay lamps improve safety, save energy and enhance overall performance.

Crater Low Bay LED lights are perfect for production bays, assembly lines, storage areas, warehouses and general retail and commercial applications.

● 70% to 90% less power consumption compared to HID lamps
● 50,000 life hours vs. 10,000 or less for HID lamps
● Powerful lumen output combined with effective light distribution
● No mercury or other harmful elements
● Very low heat output and no UV radiation.

LED Trail is an innovative LED lighting company proudly based in Portland, Oregon. We aim to provide our customers with high quality, energy efficient LED products to help them Save Energy and Save Money.

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