Control Any LED Light Strip With Your Phone (Works with Alexa & Google Home)

Control Any LED Light Strip With Your Phone (Works with Alexa & Google Home)

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Control your RGB LED light strip using your phone using this little WiFi/IR adapter from Amazon (it even works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home).

Download the ‘Magic Home Pro’ app from the App Store and you will have access to all sorts of additional features that a regular IR remote can’t do. This includes syncing the LED strip to music, as shown at the start of the video.

I came across this adapter whilst trying to find some cool smart home tech for my room and decided to make a little video about it.

★ “Control Any LED Light Strip With Google Home”:

★ “Control Any LED Light Strip With Amazon Alexa”:

Anything you see in the video is linked down below so you can read more about a specific product or even buy it yourself.

★ Amazon Links ★

• Full LED Strip Kit On Amazon:
• LED Strip Smart WiFi Controller On Amazon:
• LED Strip Extension Cable On Amazon:
• LED Strip Power Switch On Amazon:

• Plastic Cable Channel On Amazon:

● Alternative:
• Philips Hue LED Strip On Amazon:
• Philips Hue Bridge On Amazon:

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